Save the dates for the 
4th Global Followership Conference

May 28-30, 2025

Hosted by Claremont McKenna College
Claremont, California


Almost 20 years ago, Claremont was the site of the “Rethinking Followership” Kravis-de Roulet Leadership Conference, held on February 24-25, 2006. The proceedings of that conference, which included noted scholars and authors, Robert Kelley, Joseph Rost, Ira Chaleff, Jean Lipman-Blumen, Michaael Maccoby, Bruce Avolio, Robert Lord, Michael Hogg, Michelle Bligh, David Collinson, and Barbara Kellerman, were the foundation for the book, The Art of Followership.


Claremont, the “town of trees, and Ph.D.s” is located 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, right up against the San Gabriel mountains, which rise to an elevation of over 10,000 feet. Its nickname comes from city-sponsored care of its many trees, and the seven Claremont Colleges.

The Kravis Leadership Institute at Claremont McKenna College (CMC) is the host institution. The college was founded in 1946 as Claremont Men’s College, with a name change shortly after admitting women students. The campus resides on the native lands of the Kizh nation, which includes the Seranno and Gabrielio indigenous tribes.

The Kravis Leadership Institute, which recently celebrated its 30thanniversary, is one of the top undergraduate programs for leadership in the nation, and CMC was recently named as one of the inaugural class of colleges and universities recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as a school of “Leadership for Public Purpose” -- recognizing institutions that have committed to campus-wide efforts to advance leadership in pursuit of public goods like justice, equity, diversity, and liberty.

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